Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

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15 years and counting…



Today is my 15th wedding anniversary!


15 years ago on this day I made the decision to stay with the most wonderful man I had ever met! the one whom my heart loved! the one who I could picture having my beautiful 3 children with, growing old with despite of anything, through taught times and good times. You are my best friend, the one who takes all my crap, embark in all my craziness, the one that knows me better than anybody else in this world, the one that laugh at my dumbest things.  I thank the Lord for your life everyday,every moment ( even when you make me loose my mind lol ) I thank Him (Lord) because He knew better than me, He could see further than my eyes could. I thank the Lord for the love that He put in your heart for me, for our family! That, I never take for granted.

 Thank you for loving me, for caring for me in the good days and the bad days, for understanding me. You are my all I love you to pieces, there’s no tomorrow without you, there’s no planing without you, there’s no me without you! Stuck like glue!

You know if I could I would put you in a bubble, I would and keep you and our children alllllll to my self! basically like the animaniacs little girl  =D

We laugh, we cry, we fight everything together, it has been like this and will always be like this, me and you buddy foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever and everrrr and a lifetime! I love you babes!

Of all the gifts you have always given me that I have enjoyed so much, like my electric blanket awwwww! you surpassed yourself with that beautiful card that until now, I can’t talk much because my eyes start to water.

I love you and I bless you for being this wonderful husband, father, friend, lover, hero.

I love you!!

Amor Vincit Omnia

15 down Eternity to go!