Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

tic toc goes the clock!

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tic toc goes the clock!

Hello….I’ve been thinking…WOw! Do I set myself for failure sometimes or what?!? I make all these plans and uncountable to do lists and God forbid someone tells me that it’s impossible to be done! My laundry is an unending basket on the basement, I swear the clothes must multiply itself when I leave the house, my house projects (I MEAN HOUSE PROJECTS that most of the time includes my husband’s help…which sometimes explains why it never gets done lolsss) are… let’s say that are so many! My pantry, hellooooo helloooooo hellooooo (eco) where’s my food? why is it that everything must disappear in two days? If there’s one thing that if I could pay somebody to do for me it would be for someone to go grocery shopping…I hate grocery stores, don’t ask me why, but it drives me insane! I know I have 24 hrs a day like everyone else, but it seems like it’s never enough and I catch myself struggling.
I once made the mistake to complain “how I could not understand” that a friend of mine that worked outside of the home didn’t have time to do all the things at home…Have you heard that saying that everything that you complain about someone else comes worst to you… I have to say that now I “must” apologize for being such an awful friend! I sooooooo understand her! lol!!
I love my job, I love my house and to make things worst I AM ADDICTED TO DIY BLOGS! (crying face =,( ) oh nooo! my children are growing Sniff! where did time go? 0_0 I need to make better use of my time.
In the end of the day I’m just glad to be able to look at my beautiful healthy children and my loving husband’s smile and see that we made through the day!!!
If you are just one more of me out there, because don’t lie to yourself, if at any moment when you were reading this blog you thought to yourself “I can relate” guess what?? Welcome to the club!You are a mom! =D

Lesson of the day: whatever was on the yesterday “to do” list, will make it to the next days list if was that important! Live today, and always give you best in everything you do! Everything else will fall into place in the right time! 😉

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Mathew 6:34