Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

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Something went wrong a long time ago…


Today I was looking at pictures, some people I don’t see a long time, some I’ve lost contact, and I was very sad to see some of them had taken the wrong turn along their life, it bothered, saddened me =(  I’m a big suck!

I feel so sad specially when I see young people going through the wrong path, no joy, no life, no dreams and no goals ahead! Two feelings come to mind,. 1- SMACK them in the back of the head so they can wake up and see that life is wonderful even when there’s trouble! 2- Hug them so tightly, so they can see that above all troubles, someone is there for them, hug them ’till they see that life is worth living, that troubles will come, but they’ll goand that they will be ok!

Theses days it just feels weird! I don’t know; When I was young, sure! there were those days of boredom, and unhappiness in a teen/youth days, but come on! today is border lining ridiculous! What is it? Hormones? Pesticides? too many material things? egocentric  parents? HELLOOOOOOO!


Kids getting so involved with drugs, no limits, no education, and I’m not saying the kind of education that you get in school, I’m talking about the REAL one, the one that comes from HOME! Where are the moms? Why aren’t they teaching their little girls to grow and became responsible, respectful, educated ladies, that one day they’ll have a family of their own that will need them? Where are the father’s to teach their son that a “REAL” man has to be responsible, educated, respectful man who has to work and provide not only for themselves but for a family someday? WHERE THE HECK ARE THESE PARENTS? don’t they know that they are the foundation for these kids lives? I must have knocked my head hard on the wall, because it feels like I’m the only one bothered by this! =/  

I was raised by I single parent, and believe me single parents can do a good job just as much as anybody! So right of the bat I rule out that excuse!

I think that our society has to stop with the It’s ok, It’s normal non sense! If we don’t teach our kids when they are small, I’m sorry! they will not learn when they are old! Later is not better! Society is so used to hearing the ol’ “it’s ok”that they don’t even bother to question anymore, and look where kids find themselves now! The word NO never killed anybody! little sally will live another day without her doll!disappointments will not kill her!

Yes, circumstances happen, life sometimes just sucks more to some people…but the way I see is, you have two choices, get up, dust yourself and go on or linger on you sorry behind hoping that anybody that knows you and sees you feels sad and sorry for you! I refuse to live this way! Pity is just a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary!


I always talk to my children on our way out, we always have to drive by a cemetery to get to the hwy, And I point out to the tum stones, and I tell them, each and every one of those represents a person, and they would do anything if they could  just to be able to have you worst day! their time is done, if they smiled great! If they didn’t, so sad they won’t have the chance anymore, let’s hope they enjoyed their life in the good days and bad days. I think that this generation of irresponsible, disrespectful, lazy people needs a wake up call!!

Sometimes I think that I’m the only old soul in this world lolss! Do I see things other people don’t see? I’m far from perfect and , yes! I have my good awesome days, and I also have my bad horrible days, but the way I see is I have the same two choices I’ve mentioned. I rather choose the 1st for the 2d choice is not going to change anything! This is not me at any moment bashing anybody. I just think that we need a change! God forbid me say that I’m better than anybody, I have 3 children and I know it’s hard, but who Am I to give up on the 3 most precious things God has given me? This is just a “breath out” moment! 

Come on let’s teach our kids to be good people! Parents we have the power to do that! Let’s teach our kids to do things for themselves, always knowing that in case they need us,  we’ll be here for them! Respect and be respected!work hard for what they want!

You sow what you plant! If you don’t like what you are hearing, change what you are screaming!

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

So, the feeling is that, if “I” feel so sad to see these kids (anybody below 25 for me are kids! lolss) I can only imagine how God’s heart might feel. 

Sometimes it’s not going to be a walk in the park to do the right thing, take the right step, but once you do it it’s going to get easier as you go! 😉

We all were created to be greater!

Read me next time! X.O



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My Pre-Valentine’s day…


Well, my day started good like every other day with my husband waking me up with the most annoying sound I can ever think of  the “phone finder” (which I’m very sure it was a lonely person that invented that app!) and then my race started…kids,breakfast,lunch box jackets to the car they go…Back home they come,because I forgot the dog had to go outside and then off to school they go! So in my merry way to work I go! Aw the joy of driving in a quiet car,  me myself and my thoughts! 

On Thursdays my schedule is insane because I have very little time between leaving work, rushing home to get the kids and go as quick as I can to church…It’s a must that I get there 7:30! Well, this Thursday my children reminded me that I had to buy chocolates and valentine’s day cards…Why do I have to procrastinate everything?Why don’t they make stores stay open until 12 a.m?  I bet they would have lots of business from people like me! And Ethan turns to me and says that he’s tummy didn’t feel well, I could see a storm brewing  =( I said a quick prayer apologizing for not being able to attend church and off to Walmart I went with 3 kids! Oh boy there’s something about that McDonald’s that makes kids go insanely hungry…well at least my kids! I tell you,they could have just finished eating and  as soon as they see the arch they get hypnotized  “MOMMY I AM HUNGRY! lolsss! After feeding them I see from the corner of my eyes parents going insane at the “valentine” Aile that they ( walmart employees) so kindly separate to make your life easier or should I say make you spend more lolsss I tell you those parents were just as frustrated as me, I couldn’t find anything and in a good price, my kids were all talking at the same time it was a mess…oh! did I mention that I was having an anxiety moment? The walls were closing in on me! So I looked at my kids and say ENOUGH! one at a time please sweet heart! So I got Gyovannah’s cards, Nicholas’ cards I had a little trouble for the child could not make up his mind! and Ethan, that was easy,any avenger and we are rolling! Now the chocolates.Do you know why chocolates are expensive? Because they know that after you spending the money to buy them, you WILL HAVE TO eat them to get rid of your depression! I had a hard time finding budget wise chocolates and that tastes good, sorry I will not give something that I wouldn’t like it for myself! so, I found one that I liked it!Then it came the teachers gift…a bear for nick’s…Why does a child(Ethan) needs 5 teachers in a classroom? Gyovannah’s teacher is a man what do I give  him? After a mini stress I got a box of turtles, for what man doesn’t like turtles? ( well, he should be happy, it was the turtles or a fairy wand that lit up!) after paying everything… $70 worth of chocolate I hear Nick saying mom can I go…and before I said no the child desappeared, keep it in mind Ethan was crying complaining of his tummy, no where I looked, could I see Nick after 10 minutes that felt like 2hrs I turn to talk to nick and when I turn back it was like Ethan was a faucet pouring out puck…I so wanted to be in my bed that moment, you should see the face the young boy that works at the store looked like! After cleaning him as much as I could, we went home for me to fill in all 79 cards, oh joy! I tell you if my husband looked at me with  funny eye that night I think I would’ve poked his eyes! He knew better!

I can say I did a beautiful Job, I managed to finish everything by 2 and climb to my bed at 2:40! What a mom won’t do for her babies!!  I love my babies!

HeartDaySnacks.095 Bia.