Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

With every morning comes a new sun…

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With every morning comes a new sun...

Sorry for my latest posts being so down for what some people may say, but I’m having a bit of a rough week, but in everything I give thanks, I give thanks for the troubles and tribulations and I give thanks for the joy!

Today I lost an aunt in Brazil due to heart failure, but what upsets me the most is that she died waiting for a hospital room so she could have heart surgery. What world are we living in that soccer is more important than a human life? What the heck are they doing spending so much money in stadiums and more stadiums when hospitals are falling apart, people are waiting on the hospital floor due to not having beds for the ill? dying everyday of disease and violence? Who are they trying to fool? They (government) wants to paint a picture of a beautiful country with the best stadiums and beaches to the world…oh, yes, they are painting that picture with the populations blood, that what they are! I’m very upset to loose someone’s life not because it’s my aunt, but because I know that everyday this is happening! What are we the population doing? let we not be fooled by carnival and the Olympics. HELLOOOOOO wake up Brazil! When are going to stop being used to walk in the streets in fear? Yes, we are good at soccer and we have a beautiful country, and yes we know how to enjoy and have fun, but let us not be fooled, there’s more to us than that! where are the jobs? Why are we getting dr’s from outside when we can invest in our own people? Why is it that we never have money for hospital and Dr’s but we have millions for stadiums? God forbid something happen to the athletes from outside, what if we made them go through the fiasco that the regular population has to go through to get to a Dr! Hum?

I guess we must be stupid to accept and live this way! =/

Where’s the respect towards your neighbor?How important is someone’s life? What value do they have? To me, all they (government) show is that we are merely people that means nothing and is worth nothing!
What good does it do to have a beautiful city and beautiful beaches full of thieves everywhere? When honest hard working citizens take the bus to go to work and you don’t know if you are going to be robbed, rapped or if you are actually coming home. Are we playing a game of Russian roulette?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country! Yes, it is beautiful, and yes I wish it would be safe for me to go back and live forever with my family there, but unfortunately and sadly it isn’t! No beach and beauty in the world would make me take a chance to live without security. No, no party will blind my eyes and make me accept that! Maybe I just want to go back to that Brazil that I left 23 years ago… I just wish that things would be different!

To my family, I leave my condolences and I hope no one has to go through this again. I feel your pain,and I wish I could be there. R.I.P aunt Vanda.

To the friends and people I know the lesson to be learned here is that we should value the people that are important to us everyday, never leave for tomorrow what can be done today! tell them you care TODAY! Love and live every second of the day! Fight for what you want!

Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow belongs to God, so live today by the Grace of God and do good unto others



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