Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

missing someone special…

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Today I started the day missing someone very special…my grandma! A strong lady, the strongest one in my family so far, and yet the sweetest lady, always elegant, perfumed and doll up! I can close my eyes and see her smile, and can still hear the sound of her voice…Spring smells like her the cool breeze and the sun.Sometimes when I pass by the old street we lived in, it’s as if I could see her going from the grocery shop home (this would happen 3 times a day), hanging clothes to dry in the backyard, taking the bus, well taking the bus with my grandmother was embarrassing! She knew very little english, and it was as if she still lived back home in Brazil =D she would go in and make sure to tell everyone that looked at her in the bus that I was her grandaughter,not forgetting to tell the bus driver she was late and that he should speed up! She was a funny lady! Today I see how proud she was of me. Oh, how I wish she would still be here with us, how I wish she could meet all my children. She would be going crazy and in love with all 5 (2 are my brother’s kids. )great granchildren,and oh my gosh she would break them! =D now I seem to embarras my children the same way hahahaha!
She always had 3 kinds of food ready, my grandma’s house was like a restaurant…literally! lunch time at school was awesome, we would bring all our friends home for lunch and it was as if she knew before and had so much food ready, they all loved it, even though they didn’t understand a word she was saying in portuguese.lolssss and the best part of all, we had no clue if anybody had allergies to anything…wow that was dangerous lolss! But I guess we (children from 20years ago) weren’t broken yet! She loved shopping, oh! how she loved shopping and we loved going with her.
Nothing could keep her down, even in tough times she would find the way and the will to get through it! She was good to everyone she met, always helping and cooking…always cooking =D even today 12 years after she passed I still meet people that knew her and tells me how special she was, and indeed she was one special lady! She fought a tough fight against ovarian cancer, because of neglect of Dr’s refusing to do the tests she would ask for…she was a nurse back home and knew the simptoms, but in all I hold no grudge against any Dr. Because I know the Lord was incharge of everything. I guess he missed her so greatly that he could not withstand and had to take her home.
We’ll keep the memories and in a time very soon we’ll see her again!
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”
2 Timothy 4:7
Lesson to be learned: Always be the best you can be – do the best you can do! Be tough and yet never forget to smille and enjoy every little moment you have, for we don’t know what tomorrow brings!

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