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Let Wild Wings be done!

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So, today was a beautiful day! Me and the family decided to go for wings, it had been a while since we’ve been at Wild Wings, but we always had a nice time there since they were selling churros…Oh! churros yum! And then everything started to go down south when they decided to stop selling the only thing that would make sense! Keep it in mind it was awesome to have wings and finish it up with churros. Who the heck has these stupid ideas to mess with what works? Don’t they know that you shouldn’t fix whats not broken? That was such a dumb move! But, anyways the wings were good then, and today we decided to go there; After asking my less than intelligent “Siri” that never seems to understand me nor find what I need ( but that’s for another post lolss) to search for a Wild wings restaurant, after going for 3 and finding them closed(shut down) I was wondering why? We finally found one. We went in sat down and ordered, there was one waitress, that looked like she partied all night and unfortunately had to go to work the next day, she WROTE everything we ordered…and yet brought everything wrong! She was taking care of only three tables and yet she could not for the life of her remember who order what…Any of the tables, she was like a gold fish lolssss! She would come to my table with other peoples food and I bet they got what was supposed to be mine. =(

We ordered the foursome half smokey blues and the other half sour cream and onion, something that from the beginning we always had, it’s been over 30 times,and the kids fish & chips and asked to be cut in half and fried, so I was sure that was cooked all through ( I’ve had raw fish before) what does she bring? An adult order of fish and chips (whole) and my wings were half not smokey blues and the other half naked, after I complained saying that we had asked for sour cream and onion, the cook said that it was. I’ve been eating this forever and they come try to pull a fast one on me….hello!The audacity to look in my face and tell me that those wings had the powder over it was too much! the waitress would go get us refills and just forget us, it’s impossible that at 12 noon they would run out of apple juice, well, they did! and at the end receive a bill of $75.00 plus tip ( I don’t think so!I’m a firm believer that if I get a good service you’ll get a good tip) and we left everything behind,We should’ve listened to my son and had just gone eat at the “blue papa”( Ikea in my 5 year old son’s eyes =D) and we would’ve eaten better! No wonder I found wild wings restaurants closed all around,no one checks anymore, no one cares! They do whatever they want.Too bad, so sad I have to say that they should all shut down! It’s the End of a relationship!

.Sour Cream & Onion what I was supposed to get.

Image And this is what I got.

Well, let’s look at the bright side, It was a beautiful sunny day!



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