Days of my life parenting 3 young kids and dealing with the rest that comes with being a working citizen,wife,mom, pet owner and not forgeting that I'm a lady too!

When it’s gone…

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When it's gone...

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Exodos 20:5

Today I started a little bit different, I was driving and thinking and I constantly ask myself why are we so selfish that we only tend to care for things once they are gone, and it never seems like we learn right? it’s like we have the memory of a gold fish!

Why do we have to go through tough times to kinda get the picture that NO we cannot and were not made to live by ourselves with ourselves?!

I find that after I turned 34 I just don’t care, I will say whatever I like and whatever I don’t like it ( my husband says that my filter is broken lolsss) I have one life to live, why keep it in? why leave it for another day what I can say today?

“I Love you – I’m upset – I’m mad – I’m scared – I’m proud of you or simply I don’t give a care in the world!” why do we make these words so hard to say? And usually when we decide to say something…it’sjust too late! =/

I sure understand that for everything that you do and say will open up a door that sometimes you might not like it, but again, what good does it do to keep it to yourself? There’s always a way to say things and yes I know sometimes silence is just the best way. I’m not talking about hurting and insulting someone…sorry lolsss! I mean that we should take care of what’s important to us like our parents, our family our friends and in my case a whole lot of pets lolssss! How many chances goes by everyday to tell a loved one that we cared and we always leave it for tomorrow when tomorrow does not belong to us? I sure have left things unsaid and regret it and still regret ’til today =S.

I was taking a long shower yesterday after my hecktic day and a thought popped up to my mind…Have you stopped and gave a thought in all the bad/unfortunatelly things that has happened to you, and that it only happenned when you are about to say that you’re back on your feet completely. Do you know why? I know why, the Holy Spirit brought the answer to my heart that this happens so you can understand that you are Not in charge of anything in your life! You can’t control anything! Time doesn’t belong to you, everything is in God’s hand and He decides “what where and when!” and that made me think…WOW!

I’ve heard some people say that so famous sentence….”you’ll pay when you die”.( imagine that said with a dart vader voice)…I say You pay now, life has a way to teach us that we are not better than anybody. If you mistreat someone, don’t worry life will make you need that person again. So why spend time with a grudge or being sad at someone, Hate is a poison that only hurts the person that is angry no the one you are angry with! I think it’s ok for you to be mad at the moment, than we have to stop take a deep breath and move on! lolss not only because anger makes us fat….and honestly who wants to be fat lolssss!!

So, the lesson is that, time doesn’t come back let we not waste our precious time with non-sence, lets love and be beloved! Jump and praise for you are alive and well, there’s many that didn’t get to wake up today! Let’s not wait for a sad moment to define to us what was important, enjoy – laugh – cry and then laugh again!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Praise the Lord you made it today!!! =D

Have an awesome day!!!



With every morning comes a new sun…

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With every morning comes a new sun...

Sorry for my latest posts being so down for what some people may say, but I’m having a bit of a rough week, but in everything I give thanks, I give thanks for the troubles and tribulations and I give thanks for the joy!

Today I lost an aunt in Brazil due to heart failure, but what upsets me the most is that she died waiting for a hospital room so she could have heart surgery. What world are we living in that soccer is more important than a human life? What the heck are they doing spending so much money in stadiums and more stadiums when hospitals are falling apart, people are waiting on the hospital floor due to not having beds for the ill? dying everyday of disease and violence? Who are they trying to fool? They (government) wants to paint a picture of a beautiful country with the best stadiums and beaches to the world…oh, yes, they are painting that picture with the populations blood, that what they are! I’m very upset to loose someone’s life not because it’s my aunt, but because I know that everyday this is happening! What are we the population doing? let we not be fooled by carnival and the Olympics. HELLOOOOOO wake up Brazil! When are going to stop being used to walk in the streets in fear? Yes, we are good at soccer and we have a beautiful country, and yes we know how to enjoy and have fun, but let us not be fooled, there’s more to us than that! where are the jobs? Why are we getting dr’s from outside when we can invest in our own people? Why is it that we never have money for hospital and Dr’s but we have millions for stadiums? God forbid something happen to the athletes from outside, what if we made them go through the fiasco that the regular population has to go through to get to a Dr! Hum?

I guess we must be stupid to accept and live this way! =/

Where’s the respect towards your neighbor?How important is someone’s life? What value do they have? To me, all they (government) show is that we are merely people that means nothing and is worth nothing!
What good does it do to have a beautiful city and beautiful beaches full of thieves everywhere? When honest hard working citizens take the bus to go to work and you don’t know if you are going to be robbed, rapped or if you are actually coming home. Are we playing a game of Russian roulette?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country! Yes, it is beautiful, and yes I wish it would be safe for me to go back and live forever with my family there, but unfortunately and sadly it isn’t! No beach and beauty in the world would make me take a chance to live without security. No, no party will blind my eyes and make me accept that! Maybe I just want to go back to that Brazil that I left 23 years ago… I just wish that things would be different!

To my family, I leave my condolences and I hope no one has to go through this again. I feel your pain,and I wish I could be there. R.I.P aunt Vanda.

To the friends and people I know the lesson to be learned here is that we should value the people that are important to us everyday, never leave for tomorrow what can be done today! tell them you care TODAY! Love and live every second of the day! Fight for what you want!

Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow belongs to God, so live today by the Grace of God and do good unto others


Monday, monday…

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Monday, monday...

Does anybody do the same thing I do? Every Friday I take the time to go and make a huge list, the “to do” list for the weekend and some how nothing gets done! I think it’s my husband’s fault!I’m pretty sure! lolss he stays home…which I love him to, but I seem not get things done…or do I and he just makes more mess? hum…

I have tried to use the app “to do” list…IT SUCKS! it never reminds me of anything and God forbid I write down a grocery list hahaha! My sister-in-law has recommended me saying that it was the best thing she has…well not for me! Maybe I need to have memory pills to remember about checking the app…what happen to the old good days of writing on a piece of paper? Have we gone too tech? well, I don’t think it would matter for me though! I make the list and manage to forget her on top of the table in the midst of kids,bags and pets! ( sometimes it takes a loooong way to get out the door aff!) without that I buy the whole store less what I really needed it! Well, look at that, Monday is here and I have the useless to do list plus whatever more I can remember to add to it lolsss! You are alive let’s just rejoice and have an awesome one!

God bless!


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missing someone special…

Today I started the day missing someone very special…my grandma! A strong lady, the strongest one in my family so far, and yet the sweetest lady, always elegant, perfumed and doll up! I can close my eyes and see her smile, and can still hear the sound of her voice…Spring smells like her the cool breeze and the sun.Sometimes when I pass by the old street we lived in, it’s as if I could see her going from the grocery shop home (this would happen 3 times a day), hanging clothes to dry in the backyard, taking the bus, well taking the bus with my grandmother was embarrassing! She knew very little english, and it was as if she still lived back home in Brazil =D she would go in and make sure to tell everyone that looked at her in the bus that I was her grandaughter,not forgetting to tell the bus driver she was late and that he should speed up! She was a funny lady! Today I see how proud she was of me. Oh, how I wish she would still be here with us, how I wish she could meet all my children. She would be going crazy and in love with all 5 (2 are my brother’s kids. )great granchildren,and oh my gosh she would break them! =D now I seem to embarras my children the same way hahahaha!
She always had 3 kinds of food ready, my grandma’s house was like a restaurant…literally! lunch time at school was awesome, we would bring all our friends home for lunch and it was as if she knew before and had so much food ready, they all loved it, even though they didn’t understand a word she was saying in portuguese.lolssss and the best part of all, we had no clue if anybody had allergies to anything…wow that was dangerous lolss! But I guess we (children from 20years ago) weren’t broken yet! She loved shopping, oh! how she loved shopping and we loved going with her.
Nothing could keep her down, even in tough times she would find the way and the will to get through it! She was good to everyone she met, always helping and cooking…always cooking =D even today 12 years after she passed I still meet people that knew her and tells me how special she was, and indeed she was one special lady! She fought a tough fight against ovarian cancer, because of neglect of Dr’s refusing to do the tests she would ask for…she was a nurse back home and knew the simptoms, but in all I hold no grudge against any Dr. Because I know the Lord was incharge of everything. I guess he missed her so greatly that he could not withstand and had to take her home.
We’ll keep the memories and in a time very soon we’ll see her again!
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”
2 Timothy 4:7
Lesson to be learned: Always be the best you can be – do the best you can do! Be tough and yet never forget to smille and enjoy every little moment you have, for we don’t know what tomorrow brings!

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Let Wild Wings be done!

So, today was a beautiful day! Me and the family decided to go for wings, it had been a while since we’ve been at Wild Wings, but we always had a nice time there since they were selling churros…Oh! churros yum! And then everything started to go down south when they decided to stop selling the only thing that would make sense! Keep it in mind it was awesome to have wings and finish it up with churros. Who the heck has these stupid ideas to mess with what works? Don’t they know that you shouldn’t fix whats not broken? That was such a dumb move! But, anyways the wings were good then, and today we decided to go there; After asking my less than intelligent “Siri” that never seems to understand me nor find what I need ( but that’s for another post lolss) to search for a Wild wings restaurant, after going for 3 and finding them closed(shut down) I was wondering why? We finally found one. We went in sat down and ordered, there was one waitress, that looked like she partied all night and unfortunately had to go to work the next day, she WROTE everything we ordered…and yet brought everything wrong! She was taking care of only three tables and yet she could not for the life of her remember who order what…Any of the tables, she was like a gold fish lolssss! She would come to my table with other peoples food and I bet they got what was supposed to be mine. =(

We ordered the foursome half smokey blues and the other half sour cream and onion, something that from the beginning we always had, it’s been over 30 times,and the kids fish & chips and asked to be cut in half and fried, so I was sure that was cooked all through ( I’ve had raw fish before) what does she bring? An adult order of fish and chips (whole) and my wings were half not smokey blues and the other half naked, after I complained saying that we had asked for sour cream and onion, the cook said that it was. I’ve been eating this forever and they come try to pull a fast one on me….hello!The audacity to look in my face and tell me that those wings had the powder over it was too much! the waitress would go get us refills and just forget us, it’s impossible that at 12 noon they would run out of apple juice, well, they did! and at the end receive a bill of $75.00 plus tip ( I don’t think so!I’m a firm believer that if I get a good service you’ll get a good tip) and we left everything behind,We should’ve listened to my son and had just gone eat at the “blue papa”( Ikea in my 5 year old son’s eyes =D) and we would’ve eaten better! No wonder I found wild wings restaurants closed all around,no one checks anymore, no one cares! They do whatever they want.Too bad, so sad I have to say that they should all shut down! It’s the End of a relationship!

.Sour Cream & Onion what I was supposed to get.

Image And this is what I got.

Well, let’s look at the bright side, It was a beautiful sunny day!


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vacuum vacuum vacuums

It’s no big news, but I have to say I love my Job, never thought I would say that! I was so naive I had no idea vacuums went as high as  $2.500 .Yes, I thought the same thing you are thinking What the heck! lolsssss and no, it does not do any other jobs besides vacuuming!I meet so many people everyday, most of them quite nice and once in a while you get a bitter peach, but I guess he/she just doesn’t like vacuums =D There are some crazy cookies just like myself “clean freaks” that the first thought in their mind in the morning is to vacuum! I Thank God for this job, he knew better than me and had better plans than mine for me!     Image